Monday, March 31, 2014

I found out from stats that I have viewers from all over the place! I got views on this blog from the UK, Taiwan, Germany, Canada, and more places! Thanks guys, you're all awesome :3
So sorry for not posting any new videos or posts. I'm kinda busy with school and I'm also working on a new show clip PMV. I have a plan, though. Once I finish the PMV, I'll be making one of those infamous Draw My Life videos when my dad goes to the store and buys me a whiteboard ^-^ Keep an eye out for that!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Oh, and pleasepleasepleasePLEASE Don't watch the Fireflies Cover. I sucked so horribly ;-;
Hey guys! Have you seen my video Stix 'N' Stones yet? It got noticed by Sacha Visagi! I also finally took the time to tell my subscribers about the blog. Now that I have stuff done... *Plays The Lazy Song and goes on instagram in bed*